May 2012

If there is one thing you can count on regarding the Yakuza series, it's that each game will have a story that will tear at the heartstrings. Its latest incarnation, Yakuza: Dead Souls, also wants to tear at the throat, arm, and any other part of the human flesh that looks tasty to the undead.

When it comes to mastering the English language in song, no one can compete with the likes of Busdriver. From his trademark sped-up style first heard in Memoirs of the Elephant Man to his genre-smashing collaborations with Nocando and The Mae Shi the Los Angeles-based rapper has played to crowds of thousands across the globe. His latest album Beaus$Eros continues onward with his traditional flow and artistic elements that have made him a favorite for both fans and critics alike. Via email I had the chance to pick the spectacular master of the vernacular's brain about his current album and recent work with his other two projects.

If you just take a look at this Neuralyzer here, you'll find the answers to the questions best left unknown.


First you couldn't escape from them on the ground. Then you couldn't swim fast enough from them underwater. Now they've taken to air travel in Hothead Games' latest title Zombie Ace.

For over thirty years Shonen Knife have been spreading their pop punk rock styles across the globe, influencing the likes of Kurt Cobain, Sonic Youth, and Redd Kross to name a few. After coming off a well-received Ramones cover album Naoka Yamano and company returned to the studio to record their eighteenth studio album Pop Tune. The good times have returned...

Can you sink the Bastards' battleship? Statistics

While in his Bomb Shelter, Blueonic was able to crack open the special edition of Max Payne 3. Check out the video below to see what comes in that giant box.

After dealing with the ho-hum old-school return of the world's most famous blue hedgehog in Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode I and the above average nod to just about every Sonic title released in Sonic Generations I was starting to suspect that the fastest thing alive would forever be subjected to a life of mediocrity. Episode II of Sonic The Hedgehog 4, however, puts those misgivings to rest, bringing us a true spiritual successor to the side-scrolling days we all fell in love with.

Cartoon Network took note of the huge praise they were given for bringing back its beloved Toonami block this past April Fool's Day. Now it's looking like it's here to stay.

It is with most regret that the Bastards have to indulge themselves with some, as they say, fresh blood.