April 2023

Anime and theater have had a shaky relationship for a long time. For every Astro Boy and the God of Comics, there are ten cringe-inducing Sailor Moon musicals. While many get the look and style of anime right in a

B3, Enchanting Sorcery Productions, and Anime-Zing Radio get squid ink by the barrel full in a special Anime Boston 2023 interview with voice actress Christine Cabanos. Hear about her first role ever voicing in the anime K-On!, playing crazy characters,

Winter is all about embracing the cold weather, but when it comes to the returning anime series of this past season, there’s a plethora of warmth to discover. From pop idols collaborating to a senpai and kouhai’s bond growing stronger,

Audible gasp! If you had told me the fourteenth volume of Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro would have the biggest plot development yet, I would’ve smacked you and called you “gross”! And yet, there I was reading through Nagatoro

After two conventions back-to-back, King Baby Duck is ready for a normal No Borders No Race episode. Hear what The Super Mario Bros. Movie got right about the legendary video game franchise, and what makes The Dangers in My Heart

With My Hero Academia going down dark territories (especially in the most recent anime season), it’s nice seeing the characters have a breather or two. Yes, saving the world from evil is their main priority, but even the greatest heroes

B3 gets in the robot with Anime Herald in a special Anime Boston interview with voice actor John Swasey. Hear his thoughts on the character of Gendo Ikari, his voice acting origins, playing loud characters, and being a good dad.

Even background characters want to have a moment to be seen. Despite his best intentions, Shiraishi still has trouble with being noticed by the crowds. Thankfully, Kubo’s been by his side since the beginning, with every moment spent with her

This year's Anime Boston didn't have an "it show" that everyone cosplays as, but that's okay! Instead, the con was filled with plenty of uniqueness. From pickled anti-heroes and Pokémon to chainsawed madmen, there was tons of representation on-hand for

Jody and the Jerms is a flashback to a time when rock & roll was evolving into a different beast. They're part Bangles, part New Power Generation, and all a feel-good time! Wonder, the latest album from the band, dives