June 2024

Both Hayase and Hachioji (fka Senpai and Paisen) need a push. This isn’t about their growing feelings for one another; it’s about something far greater. Throughout Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro, the teaser and her backbone-growing victim have been

A good fight occurs when two combatants give it their all. This has been true for the most part of Record of Ragnarok. But what happens when one competitor is someone who was never allowed to go full gear? The

The more I stop trying to guess what’ll happen next in Dandadan, the more I wind up enjoying myself. It’s a fact that Yukinobu Tatsu’s series is completely bonkers. (Perhaps it’s fitting that Science Saru will be making its anime

In 2008, two travelers entered my life. One was a humble merchant, making his living selling goods and making deals. The other was a wolf deity, one who wished to return to the place of her homeland. Within two seasons,

Sometimes we take life for granted. After all, had our ancestors done anything even the tiniest different in their lives, we may not even exist. That thought plays as something of a theme to the twenty-third volume of Fly Me

Since 1996, History of Guns have taken their listeners through a gateway of black lights and spirals. Their seventh album Half Light (out on June 20th) returns to the roots of their debut record Flashes of Light, bringing forth hypnotic

First thing’s first: get your mind out of the gutter. Yes, calling a manga Let’s Do It Already! will easily trigger sexy time thoughts in anyone’s brain. But even though the manga starts off with a relationship sprouting (beating the

What happens when an adaptation of a beloved detective series runs out of the main source material? That question rang through my head at the end of the fourteenth volume of Moriarty the Patriot. The climax of the narrative had

There are pros and cons to having your own apartment. On one hand, it’s nice to come back to one’s fortress of solitude, and bask in the quiet after a long day. However, living on one’s own can be a

Even assassins want to find romance. The problem is most of them don’t know how to act like regular human beings. That seems to be the case of Marriage Toxin protagonist Hikaru Gero, a master of poison assassinations and a loser