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MANGA REVIEW | "The Way of the Househusband" - Volume Eleven

MANGA REVIEW | "The Way of the Househusband" - Volume Eleven

There’s nothing like visiting a theme park. It’s one of the places where even the biggest adults can embrace their inner child. Not even a former yakuza can resist the charms of being in a magical kingdom, as we see the Immortal Dragon enjoy his time with the wifey. However, as Volume Eleven of The Way of the Househusband shows, even fairy tale worlds have their share of pests.

Said pest is Tora, another former yakuza who is partaking in theme park fun with his sister. Things get heated between him and Taiju, until a certain costumed characters gives the two a good talking to, albeit with a spine-chilling tone. It leads to some silly shots of these former rough men enjoying rollercoasters, fair food, and even the occasional cosplay. The chapter goes to show that even the most coldhearted killer can get warm & fuzzy for family parks.

Of course, it’s not just Taiju that takes center stage here. Masa needs a new apartment stat, and the only one in his price range comes with some…things that need addressing. But hey, what’s a little blood and bullet holes when it compares to a decent neighborhood? There’s also a man grieving over a lost family member, who enters a bar Taiju works at and instantly regrets it. Fortunately, a martini glass of milk and a decently-portioned fried rice bowl reveals some heartache and relatable family troubles. The Way of the Househusband doesn’t often hit the sad feels right, but this chapter surprisingly does it well.

Masa tries his hand at cooking, resulting in some poor tasting food and a some tidbits from Taiju. But Masa gets something of the upper hand when he just so happens to have a stash of the stuff Taiju is addicted to: top-shelf fermented milk. (As a Yakult convert, I concur with Taiju’s craving for it.) Miku gets her hands on a camera, with certain pictures she takes of Taiju revealing some mean-looking spirits around the former yakuza.

Perhaps the strongest chapter in this volume revolves around Matsukata Steaks, a reward given to Taiju and Miku from the neighborhood. They aim to eat it for dinner, as a treat for getting through a rough day. But said day throws everything at the two, from Miku being berated by her supervisor to Taiju accidentally running over a police officer with his bike. It all concludes with a taste of that high-end beef, a moment the couple savors with joy and a slice of laughter.

Although Volume Eleven isn’t fall-over hilarious, there’s still some good laughs left in The Way of the Househusband’s tank. Kousuke Oono is attempting to try new things with Taiju and the others with mostly strong results. There are some gags that have run dry, especially when it comes to jokes regarding Taiju’s looks contrasting his actions. As volumes go, it’s still a far cry from the low points The Way of the Househusband had plummeted to.


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