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MANGA REVIEW | "Record of Ragnarok" - Volume Ten

MANGA REVIEW | "Record of Ragnarok" - Volume Ten

A good fight occurs when two combatants give it their all. This has been true for the most part of Record of Ragnarok. But what happens when one competitor is someone who was never allowed to go full gear? The battle between the Rikishi mortal Raiden and the Hindu god Shiva dishes out such a situation in the tenth volume.

With one of his arms nearly ripped off, Shiva performs a wild dance-styled attack. The crowd’s into the rhythm, the gods are on their feet, and Raiden is just about burnt alive by the attack. However, Raiden is left smiling, realizing that he can do something he’s never attempted: go full throttle! And thus, we learn the back story of Raiden, the greatest sumo wrestler in history.

His tale is one of woes, even if it’s filled with many a victory. Despite the respect he’s earned from his peers, most saw him as a monster due to his wild strength. Because of this, Raiden has never been able to go all out in battle, in fear that he may accidentally kill someone. Of course, now he’s up against a god, meaning delivering full strength is a-OK!

In full Record of Ragnarok fashion, the battle between Raiden and Shiva goes hardcore. Using high-octane sumo skills, Raiden takes Shiva by surprise again. The carnage, the violence, and the sheer electricity that flows through the stadium as the fight wages on is on a wild and crazy level. And then, a major hit connects.

That’s when both fighters hold nothing back, as both of their bodies start breaking down. Muscles spasm, appendages dangle, and guts are on the verge of exploding! It’s the kind of fight between gods and humanity where no matter the victor, the one whose arm is raised in the end deserved that win. And while some hearts may be broken by the results, the spirit of the fight keeps the fire of hope burning with passion.

Volume Ten of Record of Ragnarok gives its all. There’s blood, sweat, tears, and even a little groove to keep things flowing. The battle between Shiva and Raiden is one for the books, with the electricity of the fight engulfing the stadium like a Wrestlemania main event. Whether or not humanity comes out on top remains to be seen, but at the very least, none of the fighters involved — god or mortal — are half-assing their battles in the least bit!


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