May 2024

Color can be complex. You can say something is red, but what kind of red? Does it have a light shade, or maybe it has a tint of yellow in it? I can only assume that such a concept as

“Are we the bad guys?” That question popped in my head while I played through Rainbow Cotton, a Dreamcast original that has since been remade by ININ and SUCCESS. The worlds I flew through were colorful, with every enemy on

I was initially worried that Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible wouldn’t have enough uniqueness to stand out. Like a mob character in the background, I feared that this high school romance would be mixed in with the rest of

Listening to Two Headed Horse is like taking a carriage ride through the old countryside. Things have aged with both grace and decay, as a calm and peaceful feeling engulfs your very soul. Their latest single "Shimmer" brings that level

Quick: what’s the fastest time an anime rom-com couple got together? I don’t exactly know the answer to that, but You and I Are Polar Opposites could be a contender. The premiere manga from Kocha Asagawa explains just about everything

Man, if being a couple were easy, then there’d be no such thing as breakups or divorces. Even if you’re with someone who seems perfect inside and out, you’ll still have moments of doubt or worry the more you’re with

I know many a friend who’d burn their house down if it meant killing the spider that invaded it. That sort of mentality is why I loved 2021’s Kill It With Fire, which took exterminating arachnids to the extreme! Three

It’s been a bit of a nail-biter since Mash Burnedead has been out of commission. Innocent Zero has been creating more chaos, whilst his son Doom has made mincemeat out of everyone he’s come across. But a bright beacon has

Misread band names? Cute crocodiles? Pandas doing stuff?! An overpacked anime season?!! It's all in a day's work on Duck Amuck in Japan! A plethora of topics are on the table on this week's show! King Baby Duck talks about

Since its beginning, Call of the Night has asked itself a question: “What does it mean to be a vampire?” Throughout the adventures with Ko and Nazuna, readers have gotten a good idea on what the answer is. But now