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After talking about his newfound gig, King Baby Duck gets excited over the digital release of the classic anime series City Hunter! However, his joy is short-lived when an iconic Boston venue closes its doors for good. But then, our host

From child scientists to cat caretakers, Jad Saxton has played a smorgasbord of characters throughout her voice acting career. King Baby Duck sits down with the Texas native as she talks about how the voice acting process is going during

WARNING: THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS It can be hard to know when to cling to childlike fantasies and to start realizing it’s time to mature. Some folks like to take their fantasies and use them as a defense mechanism, sometimes

After celebrating the return of the Wicked Anime Podcast, King Baby Duck dives into three Spring 2020 anime that are now airing on Funimation. Is Kakushigoto as hilarious as the creator's past works? Does Gal & Dino go down a

An extreme hobbyist & his jaded classmate, a scientist looking for love, and a book club finding out how bodies & emotions change are all what's to come this July from Section23 Films! Look below to see what's on their horizon! TONARI NO SEKI-KUN:

Although convention season has been curbed due to the current health crisis, it hasn't stopped the world of anime from grinding to a halt. At Crunchyroll, a plethora of new series have been unleashed for the community to enjoy, as weekly

King Baby Duck welcomes back an old friend to the Boston Bastard Brigade realm: Bruins Fangirl Nenya! Of course, most people now know her by her real name & title: Anime Boston Chairwoman Kristen Leiding! KBD sits down and talks

To Love-Ru first made waves in Japan back in 2008, with its wanton fan-service, cute-looking characters, and okay plot. It took a couple years to make a mark in the Western anime scene, becoming a cult classic amongst fans of

We all have known that one annoying guy who tries to drag us into their personal world. Sometimes they wind up being misunderstood; other times, you hope they get hit by a bus and never come near you again. It’s

A very strange love triangle, a trip to Okinawa, and one of the finest slice-of-life dramedies of the last ten years are coming to our shores from Section23 Films! Check out below to see what's on the horizon! TAMAKO MARKET LOVE STORY COLLECTION Published by: