January 2023

King Baby Duck is just about recovered from COVID, which is good because he needs the energy to discuss what's on No Borders No Race! HBO Max's Velma is universally hated, with our host sharing some recommendations for better cartoons

Where in the hell has this Jujutsu Kaisen been these last few months?! After slugging through the Shibuya Incident, I was starting to suspect that Gege Akutami was running out of ideas. But all he had to do was put

As the real enemies start to come out of the woodwork, the world of Magu-chan: God of Destruction continues to expand. Although it’s more focused on the lighthearted shenanigans between gods and humans, it knows when to make room for

Okay, what the hell, Fall 2022?! You’re supposed to be the leftover season of anime. But no, not only did you deliver some of the best anime of the year, but you trounced us all with a plethora of returning

Emotions run wild in Call of the Night. Love, lust, joy, hate, spite, anger, sadness, and fear play into the mix of the lives of Ko, Nazuna, Kyoko (AKA Anko), and every other night owl in Kotoyama’s series. But I

Deep within Montclair, New Jersey resides Elk City, a band who weave dreams into cool melodies. Since the turn of the century, drummer/producer Ray Ketchem and vocalist/artist Renée LoBue have delivered a laid-back sound that knows how to recharge the

It can be a bummer when a manga series ends too soon. Telling a writer to wrap things up because it’s not popular enough isn’t just sad; it also damages the creative process. Because of this, many manga writers have

Just what will it take for a magical world to accept those who lack said power? I’ve been thinking about this aspect of Mashle: Magic and Muscles for quite some time, as the conflict keeps popping up over and over

It’s hard to dislike almost anything related to That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. The story of Rimuru and the people of his Tempest kingdom balances fantastic action, deep drama, and side-splitting comedy. These elements have helped 8bit’s adaptation

What is the manly way to show affection? For some, it’s carrying their loved ones up a flight of stairs romantically. Other men may go out and buy expensive things or experiences, although showing love with cash is so damn