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Let’s be clear: the yakuza are a bad bunch. No Kiriyu Kazuma-starring video game franchise can silence that fact. But you know what’d be eviler? How about if the yakuza were also the most ferocious (and literal) monsters around?! Welcome

Audible gasp! If you had told me the fourteenth volume of Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro would have the biggest plot development yet, I would’ve smacked you and called you “gross”! And yet, there I was reading through Nagatoro

With My Hero Academia going down dark territories (especially in the most recent anime season), it’s nice seeing the characters have a breather or two. Yes, saving the world from evil is their main priority, but even the greatest heroes

Even background characters want to have a moment to be seen. Despite his best intentions, Shiraishi still has trouble with being noticed by the crowds. Thankfully, Kubo’s been by his side since the beginning, with every moment spent with her

Friends fight and scuffle often; it’s part of being in the buddy system. But there comes a time when a wall must be built between friends, before things turn for the worst. Ko and Mahiru have that moment in the

Shonen manga lesson number forty-two: if the main hero is in prison, they’ll no doubt break out or be released sooner or later. With Seth now caught by the Inquisition, one must know that there’s always a reason for a

If too many cooks spoil the broth, do too many assassins spoil the hit? With everyone and anyone putting a target on Taro Sakamoto, it would seem like the overweight weapons master would grow tired of constantly having to avoid

There are times when a manga will leave you speechless. What you had just read leaves you unable to come up with the right words to describe what you just read, on top of how it made you feel. Could

Even during a zombie apocalypse, the rich will find a way to get richer. As they do, the poor will do what they can to get by, settling for scraps and a bit of change to survive. (Replace “zombie apocalypse”

In the animal kingdom, there are those who live for the hunt, and those who live for the scraps. A lion puts everything into capturing even the smallest of prey, but a vulture bides its time to swipe a carcass