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When Kubo helps Shiraishi blossom, his presence slowly become known better by his classmates. While he looks like your average manga background character, it’s clear that this kid wants to be noticed in some fashion. As we’ve come to the

Where in the hell has this Jujutsu Kaisen been these last few months?! After slugging through the Shibuya Incident, I was starting to suspect that Gege Akutami was running out of ideas. But all he had to do was put

As the real enemies start to come out of the woodwork, the world of Magu-chan: God of Destruction continues to expand. Although it’s more focused on the lighthearted shenanigans between gods and humans, it knows when to make room for

Emotions run wild in Call of the Night. Love, lust, joy, hate, spite, anger, sadness, and fear play into the mix of the lives of Ko, Nazuna, Kyoko (AKA Anko), and every other night owl in Kotoyama’s series. But I

It can be a bummer when a manga series ends too soon. Telling a writer to wrap things up because it’s not popular enough isn’t just sad; it also damages the creative process. Because of this, many manga writers have

Just what will it take for a magical world to accept those who lack said power? I’ve been thinking about this aspect of Mashle: Magic and Muscles for quite some time, as the conflict keeps popping up over and over

What is the manly way to show affection? For some, it’s carrying their loved ones up a flight of stairs romantically. Other men may go out and buy expensive things or experiences, although showing love with cash is so damn

How can the world’s biggest loser come out on top? It’s a question that races through the spectators’ brains during the fight between Poseidon and Sasaki Kojiro. While the god has won many a battle, the samurai is known more

Can you get burnout from having too much freedom? Could boredom sink in if you had all the time in the world? Considering that some folks are exhausted after a long vacation, I’d say that one could easily get tried

There was plenty of hype for MAPPA’s adaptation of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man the moment it was announced. With it being one of the hottest Shonen Jump properties, the excitement of seeing the likes of Denji (Kikunosuke Toya), Makima (Tomori