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If you can run & hide to live another day, it’s best to do so. That felt like the main gist of The Elusive Samurai, the newest series from Assassination Classroom creator Yusei Matsui. But in retrospect, perhaps it’s best

It is said that a carnivore is most dangerous when they’re hungry. Such a belief is what pushes Legoshi is go to extra lengths to train for his battle with Melon. But as we see in the twentieth volume of

Well how about that? Who would’ve guessed that Nazuna had a deep connection to the vampire hunter Anko? Apparently, her reasons for killing bloodsuckers are pretty understandable, as the ninth volume of Call of the Night showcases more of her

The more Magu-chan: God of Destruction hangs with the humans, the less of a threat he becomes. Of course, the same can be said about Naputaaku, Uneras, and the rest of the evil gods that roam the narrative. Is it

You wouldn’t like Kubo when she’s angry. Yes, the titular girl in Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible is a human embodiment of a cinnamon roll. However, push her wrong buttons, and you’ll be delivered a look that’d give a

“Man, those snails look tasty,” is a thought I never imagined having. Yet there I am reading the second volume of Rokurou Ogaki’s Crazy Food Truck, and my mouth starts watering over Gordon’s cooked snails. Have I lost my mind,

It’s surprising that we’ve gone this long in Spy × Family without a Yor-focused narrative. While Twilight and Anya are technically the big focus of this series, the assassin-turned-stepmom acts as the backbone for the trio. So it’s nice to

RADIANT requires patience. It’s not because there’s a lot to go through; it’s more due to the face that it takes forever for a volume to come out! Yet whenever Tony Valente’s series unleashes its next volume, I often wonder

Picture if you would a cozy situation. You’re in your living room surrounded by video games, chocolates, and your beloved cat. Suddenly, you are transported into a magical world, with a little fairy guy there to be your guild. The

When other giant monster series try to one-up one another, Naoya Matsumoto is reinventing the game with his series Kaiju No. 8. While its first two volumes weren’t exactly perfect, they did manage to bring something new to the formula.