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After celebrating the return of the Wicked Anime Podcast, King Baby Duck dives into three Spring 2020 anime that are now airing on Funimation. Is Kakushigoto as hilarious as the creator's past works? Does Gal & Dino go down a

Take the elegant sounds of Sweden and inject it with some Southern attitude straight from the arteries of Atlanta, Georgia. That's I Am a Rocketship in a nutshell, whose melodies contain as much playful purity as it does tough-as-nails grit!

Envision green fields and a mighty tree on a hill. Underneath that tree are a few friends playing spring-friendly melodies that take you down a comfortable rabbit hole. Odds are, those friends might be the Brighton, UK-based rock collective The

It's a scary world right now, and our host King Baby Duck can't help but admit that fact. But he tries his damndest to do something positive, with the help of All in! Games's Head of Internal Development Norman Lenda

Ender Bender excites me to no end. A solo project of the Rome-based L.A. native Eddie Olguin, the sound that pops out of your speaks is the stuff that 1980s futuristic cyberpunk movies promised us that music would be like in the 2020s. It's dirty,

King Baby Duck welcomes back an old friend to the Boston Bastard Brigade realm: Bruins Fangirl Nenya! Of course, most people now know her by her real name & title: Anime Boston Chairwoman Kristen Leiding! KBD sits down and talks

Beneath the catacombs of Seattle, Washington rests the duo of Dom R. and Vanee D., better known in the scene as HALLOWS. Combining Karen O-like vocals with Bauhaus-styled melodies, HALLOWS crafts songs that tickle your spine and swipe your soul

Imagine the Grateful Dead jamming with Brian Wilson and Nujabes in some martini-stained lounge. Next song up: Massive Attack jamming with Brandy. But wait, who could be playing? It's all The Mystery Plan

UPDATE (MARCH 6, 2020): The 2020 SXSW Festival has been cancelled due to concerns over the ongoing coronavirus. The annual South By Southwest Festival is just around the corner, and -- per tradition -- King Baby Duck has the ultimate guide to