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Shameless Tuesdays: Livre 144 | History of Guns

Shameless Tuesdays: Livre 144 | History of Guns

Since 1996, History of Guns have taken their listeners through a gateway of black lights and spirals. Their seventh album Half Light (out on June 20th) returns to the roots of their debut record Flashes of Light, bringing forth hypnotic sounds meshed with tales of addiction and mental health crises. From the dance-y "Never Give It Up" to the Residents-infused "Flashes of Light (Pt. 5)", the vibes and sounds go up, down, and all around as far as the galaxy can reach. It's a mindfuck of a record, but at least it's as playful as it is sadistic! Until the time for the light to arrive, History of Guns is giving us a Shameless Tuesdays playlist straight from the Drug Castle!

Here's what Max Rael of History of Guns has to say about this week's playlist. (These selections reflect the tastes only of Rael, who says vocalist Del Alien would "disagree with it passionately"!):

I’ve always been a bit oblivious to genre but there’s a certain darkness or drama to the music I’m drawn to, either lyrically or musically. My friends never ask me to DJ because I’ll go from some classic House Sound of Chicago from the 80s, to Tangerine Dream, to Eminem, to Iron Maiden, to trance in a way that I think makes sense, but it doesn’t always seem to work for other people. I think is probably quite typical for neurodiverse people.

As with what I write, I’m drawn to key themes of mental health, reality, agency/empowerment and the cathartic release of rage. I’m interested in songs and music that: tell a story, change our emotional state, make us feel something, or explore what it is to be a human being in this day and age. I think the best songs write about something in the artists own experience, and we, as the wider audience find something that’s applicable to our own lives, whether that’s the original artists intention or not. And joy is important too, life is light and dark, and art should be too. I don’t think humour should be banished from “serious” art. Words are a little more important to music to me.

I couldn’t really tell you why these songs in this order, but it makes sense to my autistic brain. Hopefully it does for other people too.

Click here for the YouTube playlist version!

For more information on History of Guns, visit their official website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Check out a preview of Half Light below via their Bandcamp!

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