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MANGA REVIEW | "Fist of the North Star" - Volume Twelve

MANGA REVIEW | "Fist of the North Star" - Volume Twelve

At first, I thought the true story of Fist of the North Star had ended. Kenshiro had reunited with Yuria, and the two lived out the rest of her life in peace. But as we all know, just because one story ends doesn’t mean the rest of the world is put to rest. In fact, the world is filled with stories, many of them chaotic and filled with the screams of the innocent. And that’s why Kenshiro can’t still idly by, as Volume Twelve shows why the fight must continue.

Now teamed up with the bounty hunter Ein, Kenshiro sets out towards another kingdom in peril. In their crosshairs is Jako the warlord, but serving under him is one known as Falco. In another world, Falco would be seen as someone like Kenshiro, fighting for justice and peace. But alas, one grave mistake involving Raoh has led him on a path of unbroken promises and a lot of blood.

It’s this fight between Kenshiro and Falco that seems the most tragic of all in the realm of Fist of the North Star. Falco is not a man of evil; in fact, as his actions have shown, he’s a warrior of a noble cause. However, due to him unable to kill Jako after Raoh gave him a necessary warning, he’s forced to be the coward’s lackey. And thus, we are given a fight that shouldn’t happen, but must.

Not only is Kenshiro in the spotlight, but so is Rin. As they aim to save the kingdom, a prophecy is revealed. Rin comes face-to-face with a past that she had no idea she had, resulting in a reunion that’s both heartwarming and heart-wrenching. Again, it’s thanks to Falco that such a reunion could happen, as it was he who made sure Rin could be alive for this moment. (It’s also thanks to a man Falco spares that Yuria’s last years were filled with peace.)

Much involving Falco is connected to Kenshiro and Rin’s pasts. And it all leads to the big fight. Kenshiro stands on equal ground during his battle with Falco, even going so far as to paralyze his right leg to even the odds. Yet even with such a badass fight occurring (amplified by Tetsuo Hara’s continuously impressive art), this is a match that still shouldn’t happen. And even as the two warriors fight tooth & nail, the end will only result with more tears shed than blood.

And then, a brutal sacrifice is made. It’s one that adds more to the heartache of the story, amplifying the tragedy that this desert world keeps tossing at Kenshiro. Yet even as one warrior finds their final resting place, Kenshiro must march on until the world finds the same peace that Yuria did. It’s a tall order, but only Kenshiro seems capable of pulling it off.

While Volume Eleven of Fist of the North Star did its best to find out where the story would go next, Volume Twelve found its exact location. It’s as brutal as it’s ever been, and the story once again finds its triumphs and tragedies. Wherever Kenshiro goes, both hope and turmoil will follow. But no matter how much blood and tears stain that path, readers of Fist of the North Star will no doubt keep walking on it to see how Kenshiro’s story will end.


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