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The Duck Amuck in Japan crew welcome Zaech, the creator of the YouTube series The Kozy Kotatsu! Hear about Zaech's big run for the sake of Persona, and what brought him to Japan in the first place. King Baby Duck

The Duck Amuck in Japan crew welcomes {abstract:japan}'s Tyler Abstract, as King Baby Duck talks about his visits to Hibiya and Shimokitazawa. But for the main focus of the show, the guys look back at their favorite karaoke memories. Hear

On the latest Duck Amuck in Japan, King Baby Duck commits a grave sin, one that involves a place he tried to avoid like the plague. However, our host experiences a bunch of new things in Japan! Culture festivals, pro

When moving to another continent, you can only bring so much. King Baby Duck realized this when he moved to Japan. Hear all about everything that went into his new apartment in Tokyo. From his first reaction to the new

King Baby Duck is back, and this time he's in the country he's loved for years! Welcome to the premiere of Duck Amuck in Japan! Join our host -- alongside EliteFourDerek, AFLM, and JonStar -- as he shares bits from his

All good things must come to an end, and No Borders No Race is no exception..for the time being. King Baby Duck is heading to Japan, and his pals EliteFourDerek, the Wicked Anime crew, Abstract Japan's TylerAbstract, and future funk

It's the second-to-last No Borders No Race for quite some time, and King Baby Duck takes this opportunity to spotlight the folks from Shameless Promotion PR! Since 2016, the music promoters have sent this show many amazing acts to spin,

King Baby Duck gets some feedback from friends about his all-Japanese episode, and the results are surprisingly positive. MAN WITH A MISSION come to the Boston area for a show that takes our host by surprise. Clone High is back,

For the first time ever, King Baby Duck attempts something that he's been working a very long time to accomplish. Speaking entirely in Japanese, our host spills everything about how he came to love Japan. It all begins with his

King Baby Duck is excited to see some of his favorite bands before leaving Japan. He's also irked over the ones who are finally coming, but after his big move! But he's got a lot of great things to talk