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The Boston Bastard Brigade, Gemstone Publishing, Toonami Faithful, DubTalk, and The Cartoon Cypher get lively in a roundtable interview with voice actress Kristen McGuire! Hear about the anime series she almost didn't get the chance to dub, what she'd do with her own fox deity, and

We are almost two weeks away from Wicked Anime's official awards show The Wickies (which you can vote for here), so King Baby Duck is spinning a plethora of anime themes from some of the best shows of 2019! From

The Boston Bastard Brigade, Gemstone Publishing, Black Girls Anime, Anime Lately, and Toonami Faithful take part in a roundtable interview with voice actor Justin Briner! Hear about his thoughts on the explosive popularity of both My Hero Academia and Dr. STONE, how different it

After an exciting weekend at Anime NYC, King Baby Duck dives into the final regular episode of No Borders No Race of 2019! The anime series Outburst Dreamer Boys reveals what the chunnibyo's real-life counterpart may be, as music outlets scurry to write out

The Boston Bastard Brigade, DubTalk, Gadget's Vlogs, and Japanator sit down with voice actor Clifford Chapin at this year's Anime NYC! Hear about his thoughts on My Hero Academia, who he hoped the Cinderella was in Hensuki, and what makes Connie

King Baby Duck sits down with Crunchyroll's Director of Events Adam Sheehan at this year's Anime NYC! Hear about what the big shows of the fall season entail, new & upcoming dubs, the partnership with LINE Webtoon, and what he

After getting excited about this weekend's Anime NYC, King Baby Duck professes his love for the animated pilot of Hazbin Hotel! But things get a little explosive when AFLM and JonStar of Wicked Anime invade, as they talk about the

King Baby Duck presents a brand-new segment made exclusively for his listeners in the Land of the Rising Sun, and then raves about the new Netflix series Living With Yourself. Then our host gets bit by the pro wrestling bug, as

After revealing that he's relearning Japanese at a local establishment, King Baby Duck praises Sturgill Simpson for his Netflix anime film Sound & Fury. Takashi Miike unleashes his latest movie First Love, which may be one of the filmmaker's best work in his

After announcing Wicked Anime's hiatus, King Baby Duck takes a look at Shinichiro Watanabe's new anime series Carole & Tuesday. Matt Groening's Disenchantment returns, with its laughs far stronger than the previous season. Finally, after years of waiting, Kamen no