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After two conventions back-to-back, King Baby Duck is ready for a normal No Borders No Race episode. Hear what The Super Mario Bros. Movie got right about the legendary video game franchise, and what makes The Dangers in My Heart

B3 gets in the robot with Anime Herald in a special Anime Boston interview with voice actor John Swasey. Hear his thoughts on the character of Gendo Ikari, his voice acting origins, playing loud characters, and being a good dad.

King Baby Duck, EliteFourDerek, and 42Believer had a blast at Anime Boston 2023, and they're sharing their thoughts on this year's festivities! Hear their thoughts on the cosplay, the guests, and the panels they got to experience! From panels about

PAX East 2023 work is done, but King Baby Duck is still deep in his work for Anime Boston! So today, he's spinning some songs from classic and current anime! From the Lovely Angels and Spike Spiegel to a gender-changing

King Baby Duck took on PAX East 2023 with great tenacity, and he's got the audio to prove it! Join our host as he chats with many developers on the con floor (and maybe one or two in a different

PAX East 2023 has come and gone, but King Baby Duck is still working hard on its coverage! (Well, actually, at the time of this recording, he was preparing for the con!) At any rate, today's No Borders No Race

King Baby Duck rekindles his love for the web comic Swan Boy, whereas Mel Brooks's History of the World, Part Two shows why nostalgia can be both good and bad. Manual Cinema brings a new take on Frankenstein to the

The annual South By Southwest Festival is just around the corner, and King Baby Duck's got you covered! Over a dozen Japanese acts (and a couple of Boston ones) are on display, with the where's and when's people can see

After complaining about the MBTA for the umpteenth time, King Baby Duck finds plenty of heart in the new sport anime Ippon Again! Two thieving teams join forces in Lupin The 3rd Vs. Cat's Eye, with mixed results. And on

King Baby Duck is just about recovered from COVID, which is good because he needs the energy to discuss what's on No Borders No Race! HBO Max's Velma is universally hated, with our host sharing some recommendations for better cartoons