September 2023

It takes a big shakeup to make a major change in one’s life. For author Kumagae, it took his manga magazine shutting down for him to discover what he wanted in life. And what he wanted would require him to

Many things can assist finding the meaning in one's life. Sometimes it can be a new friend, a new job, or even a new destination that revives meaning. For Akira Tendo (Shuichiro Umeda), who finds himself stuck in a dead-end

Much of what works with Uoyama’s Love’s in Sight! is the relationship between Morio and Yukiko. But every great manga needs a strong supporting cast, and this series showcased some memorable side characters via Morio’s friends Hachiko and Shishio in

When moving to another continent, you can only bring so much. King Baby Duck realized this when he moved to Japan. Hear all about everything that went into his new apartment in Tokyo. From his first reaction to the new

Think of a wonderful thought. Yes, any little wonderful thought. And if you keep that thought close to your heart, maybe one day, you’ll learn…okay, I can’t say “you’ll learn how to fly” because I know some idiot will give

“Live every day like it’s your last. Because one of these days, you’re gonna be right!” - Benny Hill (1924-1992) In many forms of entertainment, the last year of high school is presented as the time where you have to give

If there’s one thing that Kaiju No. 8 is great at doing, it’s creating an adrenaline rush. For the past couple of volumes, we’ve seen Kafka and the Defense Force dealing with Kaiju No. 9. As we see in the

There's a good reason why the late great Tony Bennett left his heart in San Francisco: it's easier to have it broken on the go. And E.G. Phillips sounds like the kind of guy who had his heart shattered all

How do you take down a bad man? Simple: find someone badder. After dealing with Mary’s situation in the previous volume, Homes and Watson must find a way to protect her from a terrible blackmailer. And what better way to

As a Christian, it can get tiring seeing how my faith is portrayed in the media. The worst part: said portrayal has been created by those who spend their life jamming religion down the throats of those they claim to