May 2023

It’s strange to see Tsukasa in such an intense way on the cover of Fly Me to the Moon’s sixteenth volume. Considering that Kenjiro Hata leans more into being cute & funny in this work, having the latest tankoubon start

Dark and hypnotic, Suburban Spell casts a trance-like magic through your speakers and into your minds. After spending the last year on their Split Levels album and remix EP follow-up, the Melbourne-based synthwave outlet is ready to unleash their newest

The more mysterious an adventure is, the better. That’s what I realized when playing Embers’ debut video game Strayed Lights, which pushes you into a world that’s hauntingly beautiful. It’s the kind of game that makes you wonder about your

BEASTARS may have finished its run, but the stories within this anthropomorphic world continue to be told. Beast Complex, the spinoff series from Paru Itagaki, gives readers the chance to see different perspectives of the worlds and carnivores and herbivores.

Even when watching a sad film or TV series, I rarely ever cry. Yet there I was, with tears running down my cheek as I watched My Clueless First Friend, the latest series from Studio Signpost (formerly Pierrot Plus). Based

King Baby Duck is excited to see some of his favorite bands before leaving Japan. He's also irked over the ones who are finally coming, but after his big move! But he's got a lot of great things to talk

What’s harder: marrying into the mob, or marrying into a spy family? After seeing what Taiyo Asano had to go through in the first two volumes of Mission: Yozakura Family, it’s clear that the spy life is the tougher of

Now that Muscar has been dealt with, it appears things will be going back to normal in Magu-chan: God of Destruction. Well…as normal as one can be living in a world with tiny chaotic deities. At the very least, nobody

Junior high school is that time where one starts a finding their true selves. It’s a strange in-between place, where you are constantly conflicted between acting like a kid or an “adult”. But everyone has gone through this, from the

Even when the Forgers go on vacation, trouble is somewhere close behind. Of course, knowing Twilight and Yor’s job, they’re rather run towards the danger for the sake of humankind. Volume Eight of Spy × Family did a phenomenal job