November 2023

First, we had stories about being reborn as the protagonist of an otome game. Next, there were stories about being reborn as the villainess of an otome game. And now, we’ve got being reborn as the protagonist of an otome

It’s the warmhearted story that’s sweeping the nation. When a girl finds herself being an outcast at her high school, it takes the least-likely hero to bring her into the fold: a talking headless Chicken Devil named Bucky. With a

They may be called Snailmate, but don't you dare call them slow! Sure, they have a song called "The Laziest Man in the World" on their new album Stress Sandwich, but the duo of Kalen Lander and Bentley Monet are

Knowing your audience is a great tool when you’re a comedian. Whether it’s researching your location or simply talking to the crowd during an act, these can aid in getting everyone to pay attention to the performer. The same can

The clock is ticking down, with the cast of Magu-chan: God of Destruction facing what show be their most ultimate battle. Magu-chan is angry, Izuma is ready to fight, and Uneras looks to be choosing a darker side. Is Ruru

When it comes to horror, I like mine more unsettling than jump scare-based. Perhaps this is why I have a love for Junji Ito, who takes a more “the less you know, the more creepy it is” route with his

It all began with a middle school trip to Tokyo Tower. Three strangers from different schools were experiencing this visit in different ways. But in a flash, these three strangers would have their world turned upside down and down side

The Duck Amuck in Japan crew welcome Zaech, the creator of the YouTube series The Kozy Kotatsu! Hear about Zaech's big run for the sake of Persona, and what brought him to Japan in the first place. King Baby Duck

Maybe it’s not wise to rest an entire world’s survival on one person. Then again, if Avengers: Endgame taught me anything, it’s that even having an army of heroes can’t guarantee the safety of the planet. So I dunno. It

Writer’s Note: I’ve been reading Hayate the Combat Butler since 2007. With me covering Kenjiro Hata’s other work Fly Me to the Moon, I feel like I should be doing the same with the series that put him on the