March 2024

It’s mission time. The Yozakura Family have infiltrated Tanpopo on Skeleton Island. Stopping Kawashita’s Seed-Sowing Project is their top priority, but the spies have their hands full with the Nijibana Rainbow Flowers. As Volume Nine of Mission: Yozakura Family commences,

Is life worth throwing away if it’s used to save another? In all honesty, not really. While it’s noble to sacrifice one’s self to protect another, making it your goal to die during a rescue is — to be blunt

Great albums aren't just a treat for the ears; they're also gateways to mind-blowing journeys. Toronto's The Shadow Majlis takes listeners on a worldly trip on their latest album The Departure. Whether said departure is permanent or temporary is up

Many women who grew up watching Pretty Cure could only wish that being a magical girl was an actual job. You get to save the world and beat up evil villains, all while looking cute doing it. But it’s not

“Win using only Jugemu.” With that condition from master Shiguma Arakawa, Akane Osaki set off to become victorious in the Karaku Cup. As the third volume of Akane-banashi showcased, our shin’uchi-in-training aimed high to get that one-on-one with Issho Arakawa,

I both love and hate snow. On one hand, snow is good for warming up at the fireplace with hot cocoa and cuddles with your gal. But if you’re a Bostonian like me, then you’ve had to deal with the

If you were given the chance to relive your life, what would you do differently? Would you avoid the mistakes you made in the past? How about seek your life friends early and avoid the toxic ones you’ve dumped? Could

EliteFourDerek returns to the Duck Amuck in Japan fold, as he shares what he's discovered in Florida. But then, the gang looks back at the legacy of Akira Toriyama, who passed away this month. Hear how even their tangents somehow

Now this is how I pictured Record of Ragnarok! For awhile, I had been a tad bothered by some of its storytelling structure. After all, when a badass fight between human and god is about to commence, you want to

For over three decades, the anime series Chibi Maruko-chan has captivated audiences all across Japan. The creation of the late Momoko Sakura, the series focuses on a family living in 1970s Shizuma, which — today — is part of Shizuoka