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King Baby Duck settles into a new location, diving into his hopes for this week's Electronic Entertainment Expo. The VRV & Mondo series Cat Agent and Gary And His Demons are given a spotlight, as our host showcases some of the better

There's a level of magic that's crafted over at Ankama Animation, one that I've yet to see be replicated in any other Western-based cartoon studio. The stories, characters, humor, fight sequences, and even the drama presented in their series and

After being on hiatus for nearly two months, No Borders No Race is back! This week, King Baby Duck comes to the realization that the FX series Archer should probably call it quits, while Jack White's newest albums leaves little

The Boston Bastard Brigade, Wicked Anime, Convention Scene, Anime Herald, Nerd Caliber, GamePress, Worcester State University TV, and the University of Connecticut sat down with voice actress Stephanie Sheh, the voice of many iconic characters. Hear about her work on Batman

The Boston Bastard Brigade, Wicked Anime, Convention Scene, Anime Herald, Nerd Caliber, Toonami Faithful, and The Geekly Grind sit down with legendary voice actress Mary Elizabeth McGlynn! Hear about her take on playing heroes and villains, her love for Dungeons

The month of August delivers on hot weather, but in the case of Section23 Films, a plethora of anime, Japanese dramas, and even a live-action film plan to hit our shores like the mightiest of waves. Golden hero Garo kicks off

The Boston Bastard Brigade, AnimeLab Reactions, and The Geekly Grind sit down with one of our personal favorite voice actresses: Monica Rial! (We love her so much, that this is actually the second time we've chatted with her!) Hear about her

Grab your favorite time traveler and rock out with your tea-loving bandmates, as Anime Boston 2018 has announced that Stephanie Sheh will be joining the guest ranks this Spring! A voice actress, voice director, ADR writer, and casting director, Sheh was

With Spring ending and Summer just starting out, Section23 Films is looking to give anime fans a double-dose of rock 'n' roll, a prescription for Japanese theatrical culture, and much much more this June! Things kick off on June 5th with

After a bit of Anime Boston news, King Baby Duck takes a jab at the Oscars for snubbing some of the better animated films of 2017, while praising the same awards show for giving nods to two films that grabbed his