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No Borders No Race is back after nearly a month-long hiatus, and congrats are in order for a certain Japanese metal band. The iconic anime FLCL returns, with King Baby Duck showing some optimism for the two new seasons. Nintendo

It's the final Anime Boston 2016 interview, with the Boston Bastard Brigade and the Toonami Faithful Podcast chatting with voice actor and ADR director Tony Oliver. Find out how a certain B-movie KBD discovered became the reason why Tony Oliver doesn't

Why does Telltale Games' The Walking Dead keep on reminding me that a post-apocalyptic life is one that keeps you eternally cornered? Walkers to the left, dishonest people to the right, and in the middle are the good folk that

King Baby Duck chats with Sentai Filmworks' Kayle Campbell, as the two talk about the success of Akame ga Kill! and Parasyte on Toonami, as well as some of their upcoming releases! Opening and ending theme: "Take It Or Leave It" by the_Stampede From

Anime Boston 2016 is happening in just a couple short weeks at the Hynes Convention Center, and the Boston Bastard Brigade is getting ready to give you the lowdown on the convention that wasn't just our first to experience, but has

It's been well over a year since we last saw Clementine do what she had to survive in the Season Two finale of The Walking Dead. Much had been seen, the majority of it difficult to wipe away from one's

This year marks the tenth anniversary of No Borders No Race. To celebrate, we're featuring the albums from the finest acts of Japan (and other parts of the world) that helped to shape the show to what it is today.

Oh licensed-based video games. Sometimes you can't help but fill up with an impeccable amount of rage when you see those words together. Sure there have been diamonds in the rough like Alien: Isolation and Atari's Ghostbusters, but roughly nine

King Baby Duck is joined by his buddies Andrew & Jonathan Fleming of Wicked Anime and LueyHendrix from the Land of ESH's newest site Nerd Crave, as they chat about the good (One-Punch Man, Food Wars, Assassination Classroom), the bad

After a week off King Baby Duck returns with a super-sized episode, beginning with a solemn tribute to the late David Bowie. Then things start getting more cheerful when Dave Burpitt of Big Pixel Studios drops in to talk about their