January 2016

Oh licensed-based video games. Sometimes you can't help but fill up with an impeccable amount of rage when you see those words together. Sure there have been diamonds in the rough like Alien: Isolation and Atari's Ghostbusters, but roughly nine

King Baby Duck is joined by his buddies Andrew & Jonathan Fleming of Wicked Anime and LueyHendrix from the Land of ESH's newest site Nerd Crave, as they chat about the good (One-Punch Man, Food Wars, Assassination Classroom), the bad

When you think of iconic anime characters, no one can truly stand toe-to-toe with the likes of Arsène Lupin III. Since premiering in 1967 from the mind of manga writer Monkey Punch the thief and his pals Daisuke Jigen, Goemon

Every year there always seem to be a breakout hit from the indie side of gaming, And this year, it's no different with Undertale. More to the point Undertale is also a Kickstarter success story, proving the value of the service

After a week off King Baby Duck returns with a super-sized episode, beginning with a solemn tribute to the late David Bowie. Then things start getting more cheerful when Dave Burpitt of Big Pixel Studios drops in to talk about their

It's been a long road not only for Trails in the Sky SC to make it to Western audiences, but also for a game like Cold Steel, originally launching in 2012. While not as script-heavy that is the juggernaut of Second

2014 brought to us something special in both the sports and anime world: a series following a team of misfits who will do whatever it takes to rise to the top of the game. It had heart, soul, inspirational moments

Mr. Osomatsu is one pickle of anime to review. In order to truly give it a proper rating, one must be knowledgeable of Fujio Akatsuka's original manga Osomatsu-kun, have seen at least a few episodes of either the '60s or

The thrilling conclusion to King Baby Duck's annual Top Twenty Albums list has arrived! Who will take the crown this year? Will it be one of Japan's finest punk bands? Maybe it'll go to some true rock 'n' roll icons whose frontman

2016 is starting off with a big bang at the Land of ESH, as we are happy to introduce a new member of our growing team: Nerd Crave! Let's have the site's founder Luey Hendrix fill you in on what he's delivering with Nerd