2016 is starting off with a big bang at the Land of ESH, as we are happy to introduce a new member of our growing team: Nerd Crave!

Let's have the site's founder Luey Hendrix fill you in on what he's delivering with Nerd Crave:

My main goal when starting this site was/still is to create an outlet where my voice, and the voices of my editors could be heard and of course to bring engaging/current content to all nerds around the world...in today’s world a “nerd” is no longer something bad to be. It is the nerds of the world that are revolutionizing medicine, technology, and entertainment. It is a word I chose to use as a form of empowerment to all nerds around the world. We stand strong together, embrace our truths, and stand by our beliefs.

If you are in need of another dose of gaming, comics, and anime, then by all means give our new buddies at Nerd Crave a visit! And of course, don't forget about our other affiliate sites Phil's Recap & Review, The Structure Network, Smashed Rook, and -- most importantly -- the ElectricSistaHood!

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