No Borders No Race is back after nearly a month-long hiatus, and congrats are in order for a certain Japanese metal band. The iconic anime FLCL returns, with King Baby Duck showing some optimism for the two new seasons. Nintendo hits the mobile realm with Miitomo, and Cartoon Network's reboot of The Powerpuff Girls winds up being surprisingly good. Finally the Spring Anime Season is upon us, with Flying Witch soaring above the rest to be the potential winner of the pack.


  1. The Yellow Monkey - I CAN BE SHIT, MAMA (from the album SICKS)
  2. Goose house - Sedan Girl (from the album bitter)
  3. The Dresden Dolls - Night Reconnaissance (from the album No, Virginia...)
  4. monobright - WARP (from the album monobright two)
  5. SCANDAL - LOVE ME DO (from the album Yellow)
  6. Rasputina - Saline the Salt Lake Queen (from the album Frustration Plantation)
  7. THE TEENAGE KISSERS - Shooting Star (from the album LIGHTNING MACHINE)
  8. SPYAIR - Someday, Somewhere (from the album 4)
  9. Kavinsky - Nightcall (from the album OutRun)
  10. JUDY AND MARY - Hitotsu Dake (from the album warp)
  11. NICO Touches the Walls - TOKYO Dreamer (from the album Yuki mo Ai mo Nainante)

Whether it's by Vespa or broom, ride on over here for No Borders No Race: Episode Hyaku-Ni-Juu-Nana!

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