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After a bit of Anime Boston news, King Baby Duck takes a jab at the Oscars for snubbing some of the better animated films of 2017, while praising the same awards show for giving nods to two films that grabbed his

It's finally a regular episode of the No Borders No Race Podcast show for once, with King Baby Duck sharing his experience attending Boston's Arisia convention. The anime world raises an eyebrow or two with Pop Team Epic, whereas Unikitty

The era of hardcore anime has made its triumphant return, and we can all thank Netflix for making it happen. Gone are the days where anime creators had to settle for the OVA market if they wanted to go full

Stop me if you've heard this tale before: a downtrodden boy finds out he's powerless, only to be given a chance at greatness with the aid of something magical. Crawling up the ranks with the aid of friends and allies,

King Baby Duck is excited to see VRV taking a much-needed page out of Netflix's playbook, while recommending the Nintendo Switch for the overall best console to get for the holiday season. Our host is surprised with the second season of

After lamenting on missing out on Rhode Island Comic Con due to illness, King Baby Duck wonders what is going on with the production of the latest season of Food Wars! Frederator Studios gives animators a chance to bring new cartoon ideas,

Connected by two timelines, the universes of Dofus and Wakfu share a huge bond with one another. Without the events of Dofus to come to pass, the adventures in in Wakfu would never come to be. And thus before the tale

This past year's Another Anime Convention had itself a fine foray of cosplayers on-hand to show off their works around the Raddison Hotel & Convention Center. Once again, we were left impressed with some of these folk, not to mention

It's all about quality over quantity with Section23 Films' releases arriving in February 2018, including a second serving of one epic cuisine-based anime and the complete collection of one of the greatest slice-of-life shows ever concocted. Another heaping plate of Food Wars!

King Baby Duck gets incredibly excited about the first teaser for Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc, and talks about his experience playing the card games Someone Has Died and Crinimals at the Boston Festival of Indie Games. Our host is