October 2017

King Baby Duck is back and fully refreshed from Another Anime Convention, as he looks at four new series that are airing now as part of the Fall 2017 anime season. Who'll be the master zodiac animal in Juni Taisen

It's been about a year since the original Yomawari hit the Vita and PC. Now its followup Shin Yomawari has finally arrived via the PS4, Vita, and Steam as Yomawari: Midnight Shadows. While the original game still doesn't have a PS4 option out

This past year's Another Anime Convention had itself a fine foray of cosplayers on-hand to show off their works around the Raddison Hotel & Convention Center. Once again, we were left impressed with some of these folk, not to mention

It takes a mom to take on a motherly role, which is why Jessica Cavanagh seems to be the go-to woman to tackle on many of them throughout the anime realm. KBD chats with Cavanagh at Another Anime Convention as

Whether in Titan form or as a sailor guardian, Lauren Landa has always entertained us. KBD sits down with Landa at Another Anime Convention 2017 to chat about Attack on Titan: Junior High, taking on an iconic LGBTQ character like

It's all about quality over quantity with Section23 Films' releases arriving in February 2018, including a second serving of one epic cuisine-based anime and the complete collection of one of the greatest slice-of-life shows ever concocted. Another heaping plate of Food Wars!

There once was a game called Magicka, where you could mix different spells together to produce all kinds of neat effects. While that game was a bit darker and focused on zany humor and multiplayer gameplay, Mages of Mystralia focuses

It's not Another Anime Convention without a chat with voice actor extraordinaire J. Michael Tatum! This year KBD and his guest chat about how simuldubs have changed the anime industry both in front of and behind the scenes, properly doing British

Hidden Dragon Legend is a game that comes from China, which is interesting since the West rarely sees Chinese game (let alone ones that drop on consoles). However this game is far from a hidden gem, although it's not that bad either.

King Baby Duck and his anime con cohort Elite4Derek take No Borders No Race to the con floor of Another Anime Convention 2017, where they share their thoughts about the panels, guests, dealer's room, and the cosplay! Fanfics, dating games,