December 2017

Keiichi Arawi has a knack for blending charm, adorability, and some way out there kind of humor into his works. His popular nichijou series gave way to some of the most beloved non sequitur comedy throughout Japan, reaching worldwide audiences'

It's the final half of our annual Top Albums countdown! Who will be the big trophy winner this year? Plus hear from Andrew of Wicked Anime, The Decrees' Callum Bell, and Abstract Japan host Tyler Abstract as they share their picks

April showers bring new anime and live-action fare to the American home video market thanks to the folks at Sentai Filmworks, Kraken Releasing, and Section23 Films! Music, demi-humans, and an adorable fortune teller are what will be served up in

Chihiro Ishizuka's Flying Witch is one of the most comfortable manga around. The tale of witch-in-training Makoto and the relatives that bring her in is filled to the brim with beauty, humor, and childlike imagination that readers of all ages

I'll be the first to admit that I've never really been drawn into playing massive multiplayer online games. Despite dabbling with Dofus and Wakfu from time-to-time, my legit knowledge on how to play these games and their appeal are beyond

Anime Boston today announced that up-and-coming J-POP artist Asaka will be performing at their 2018 expo. This will be her first American appearance at any convention. Born in Japan in 1999 with an American residency background as a child, Asaka was

The holiday season is upon us, and no one loves it more than the furry hero of justice WolfCop! King Baby Duck welcomes writer/director Lowell Dean as they chat about the lycanthrope lawman's newest film Another WolfCop! Hear about the beer-loving

Stop me if you've heard this tale before: a downtrodden boy finds out he's powerless, only to be given a chance at greatness with the aid of something magical. Crawling up the ranks with the aid of friends and allies,

Calling all Fighting Dreamers, Nirvash pilots, and members of the Japan Liberation Front! The guest announcements for Anime Boston 2018 are now underway, with a doozy of a big reveal right out the gate! Japanese rockers FLOW, best known for

It's that time of year, where King Baby Duck counts down the very best albums of the year! 2017 has brought yet another collection of eclectic records that'll make you both think and groove at the same time! The sounds