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November 2017

Imagine going nearly all your life never having to owe anybody a favor. Just when everything's about to come up roses, karma literally pants you and forces a debt of gratitude into your well-being. When you come face-to-face with the

After lamenting on missing out on Rhode Island Comic Con due to illness, King Baby Duck wonders what is going on with the production of the latest season of Food Wars! Frederator Studios gives animators a chance to bring new cartoon ideas,

When a game gets a sequel, one would think that it would get improvements over he first. After all when the first game obviously sell well enough to warrant its existence, you'd best not want to screw that up. Unfortunately Gust has completely

Connected by two timelines, the universes of Dofus and Wakfu share a huge bond with one another. Without the events of Dofus to come to pass, the adventures in in Wakfu would never come to be. And thus before the tale

How Nintendo still manages to reinvent Mario after three decades is beyond recognition. Whether he's saving the princess, riding in a go-kart, partaking in some tennis or golf, or even playing second fiddle as a background character, the character who

An author creates tales, and an aspiring author simply lies. This is the mentality of the nameless protagonist of Imperfect Girl, a man whose failed countless number of times to be a published writer. However a chance meeting with a

King Baby Duck is back and fully refreshed from Another Anime Convention, as he looks at four new series that are airing now as part of the Fall 2017 anime season. Who'll be the master zodiac animal in Juni Taisen

It's been about a year since the original Yomawari hit the Vita and PC. Now its followup Shin Yomawari has finally arrived via the PS4, Vita, and Steam as Yomawari: Midnight Shadows. While the original game still doesn't have a PS4 option out

This past year's Another Anime Convention had itself a fine foray of cosplayers on-hand to show off their works around the Raddison Hotel & Convention Center. Once again, we were left impressed with some of these folk, not to mention

It takes a mom to take on a motherly role, which is why Jessica Cavanagh seems to be the go-to woman to tackle on many of them throughout the anime realm. KBD chats with Cavanagh at Another Anime Convention as