January 2018

Polish up your Dragon Slayer and load up your airsoft guns, as Anime Boston has announced its third American guest in the form of voice actor Kaiji Tang! An avid lover of gaming and all things food-related, Kaiji Tang has been

Koji Suzuki's fifth foray into the world of The Ring may have his readers divided. On one end, S continues the tale with the same amount of eeriness that made Sadako a household name with horror fans. However its means of

Three years after I covered the PS4 and PlayStation Vita versions of Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds, the game has made its way to the Nintendo Switch in its Overdrive edition. While my feelings on the game are still much the

One of Japan's finest anime soundtrack composers will be making his North American debut at Anime Boston 2018, with the announcement of Kaoru Wada as the convention's latest guest of honor! Kaoru Wada is a Japanese music composer, music arranger, conductor,

Within the May flowers arrives a bouquet of anime from Section23 Films, including two releases involving the goddess that is truly the best-ia out of the rest-ia! It's a journey to anime past starting on May 1st, with the release of the

The first volume of Mitsuru Hattori's manga adaptation of NISIOISIN's Imperfect Girl got off on a rocky start, with the unnamed protagonist (known here as "I") locked in the closet belonging to a strange elementary school student named "U." Told

One truth prevails for Anime Boston 2018, with veteran Japanese producer Michihiko Suwa announced as the sixth guest for the Spring event. A fixture of the anime industry, Yomiuri TV Producer Suwa has been in the industry for over thirty-five years. Best

It's finally a regular episode of the No Borders No Race Podcast show for once, with King Baby Duck sharing his experience attending Boston's Arisia convention. The anime world raises an eyebrow or two with Pop Team Epic, whereas Unikitty

After a successful appearance last year, former Studio Ghibli staffer Hirokatsu Kihara will be making his return to Anime Boston this Spring. In the 1980s, Kihara worked alongside Hayao Miyazaki on Castle in the Sky, My Neighbor Totoro, and Kiki's Delivery Service.

Gas up your Gundam and piece together your Shikon Jewel, as Anime Boston has announced SUNRISE Inc.'s Hideyuki Tomioka and Screenwriter Katsuyuki Sumizawa as the latest Japanese guests for the Spring event! Hideyuki Tomioka joined SUNRISE to help with the production of Fang of the Sun Dougram as a