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The French know how to make great cartoons. Whether it's something goofy for kids like Space Goofs and Oggy & The Cockroaches, deep and beautiful like the works of Sylvain Chomet, or action-packed for all families to enjoy like Wakfu,

King Baby Duck talks about a new friend he made while in Los Angeles, then talks about an aspect about the anime New Game!! that he hopes becomes a reality. The Netflix series Atypical winds up being the straw that

December is the time when things start winding down for the new year to slowly begin. It's also the fast-paced moment of holiday shopping, and Section23 Films has a few complete collections and new releases that'll be perfect stocking/yarmulke stuffers!

King Baby Duck is currently on a flight to Los Angeles, but that didn't keep him from delivering a new episode this week! (Next week, though, is a different story.) Our host chimes in on the recent Sony/Funimation acquisition, as

King Baby Duck throws in one more anime recommendation for Tsuredure Children, and then dives into his excitement for J.G. Quintel's new TV series Close Enough. Our host pays tribute to the late June Foray, whose voice-acting roles played a big

And at long last, there was hope. Sure, many people died in Richmond -- some who deserved it, others who didn't -- but in the end there was that glimmer that was thought lost in the world of The Walking

Japan's most famous thief gets another season, and King Baby Duck is overjoyed by what it entails! Then a look at the Summer anime series block finds a delicious show known as Restaurant to Another World. Finally the hosts of

The fall season is all about bountiful crops, and like said crops the folks over at Section23 Films have prepared the October season with a plethora of releases that'll make you ready for the season of changing foliage. October 3rd starts

King Baby Duck laments on not being at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, before diving into why he's excited for a potential live-action Cowboy Bebop TV series. Another season of Mr. Osomatsu is announced, with our host explaining why the

King Baby Duck pays special tribute to Phil the Issues Guy, who just got hitched a week ago to his beloved! Then we sail the seas with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and throw on our