August 2017

The French know how to make great cartoons. Whether it's something goofy for kids like Space Goofs and Oggy & The Cockroaches, deep and beautiful like the works of Sylvain Chomet, or action-packed for all families to enjoy like Wakfu,

King Baby Duck talks about a new friend he made while in Los Angeles, then talks about an aspect about the anime New Game!! that he hopes becomes a reality. The Netflix series Atypical winds up being the straw that

When Rolling Stone asked Josh Homme why Villains sounded looser than their previous records, he replied, "Frankly, that's just because I like to dance." Although there have been songs from Queens of the Stone Age that are worthy enough to

In 1999 a young video game graphic designer by the name of Makoto Shinkai created a five-minute short called She and her Cat: Their standing points. The amateur anime sold over 5000 copies at both Comiket and via his website,

December is the time when things start winding down for the new year to slowly begin. It's also the fast-paced moment of holiday shopping, and Section23 Films has a few complete collections and new releases that'll be perfect stocking/yarmulke stuffers!

King Baby Duck returns from LA with an all-music episode! However before he dives into the playlist, he shares his experience being under the same roof as a member of the famous studio sessions group The Wrecking! Crew! Plus our

Good characters need flaws. It's what keeps them from becoming non-relatable, as evident by last year's poorly executed Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto. A great hero has their kryptonite, an iconic singer has their range of performance, and a sports

Last year one of the most unique and original video game experiences was SUPERHOT. One-half first-person shooter, the other a strategic puzzle, the object of the game was to rid each realm of red-colored foes. What made it stand out

King Baby Duck is currently on a flight to Los Angeles, but that didn't keep him from delivering a new episode this week! (Next week, though, is a different story.) Our host chimes in on the recent Sony/Funimation acquisition, as

"I can't believe I watched the whole damn thing!" These words left my mouth by the time the end credits rolled one last time for the Spring 2017 anime series Seven Mortal Sins. This was a show that was based on