King Baby Duck talks about a new friend he made while in Los Angeles, then talks about an aspect about the anime New Game!! that he hopes becomes a reality. The Netflix series Atypical winds up being the straw that broke the autistic camel's back, with our host ripping to shreds the way Hollywood portrays people on the Spectrum. Then KBD looks at the current state of the indie music scene, wrapping things up with a more positive event: the return of DuckTales!

PLAYLIST (with album/single links):

  1. Peelander-Z - Autograph (from the album P-Pop-High School)
  2. chatmonchy - Tonarino Onna (from the album Kyoumei)
  3. Black Pudding - Sci-Fi Si (digital single) [available October 6]
  4. Electric Eel Shock - Waaa (from the album Go USA!)
  5. TrySail - Bokura no Symphony (from the album TAILWIND)
  6. Eagles of Death Metal - Anything 'Cept The Truth (from the album Heart On)
  7. the pillows - The Third Eye (from the album MY FOOT)
  8. BEAT CRUSADERS - SUMMEREND (from the album Popdod)
  9. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Bring It On (from the album Nocturama)
  10. PENPALS - (I've Been Waiting so Long) In my Bed (from the compilation album Best Super Powerless)
  11. Machico - Million Smile (CD single)

Looking like a hurricane, it's No Borders No Race: Episode Hyaku-Hachi-Juu!

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