King Baby Duck is currently on a flight to Los Angeles, but that didn't keep him from delivering a new episode this week! (Next week, though, is a different story.) Our host chimes in on the recent Sony/Funimation acquisition, as well as the news of five new Senran Kagura games in development. A review of John Michael McDonagh's new film War on Everyone shows why the best cops are the bad ones, whereas Stan Lee's new superhero series The Reflection is off to a rocky start.

PLAYLIST (with album/single links):

  1. ORESAMA - Mimi Moto de Tsukamaete - (from the "Trip Trip Trip" single)
  2. MAN WITH A MISSION - Far (from the album The World's On Fire)
  3. ATMIG - Pail (from the "Trip" single)
  4. BACK-ON - FLYDOM (from the album YES!!!)
  5. Sora Amamiya - irodori (digital single)
  6. Buffalo Sunn - The Long Road (digital single)
  7. Boom Boom Satellites - Shut Up And Explode (from the album Exposed)
  8. YUI - Rain (from the album HOW CRAZY YOUR LOVE)
  9. The Seagulls - Happy (from the album Blood Orange) [available August 21]
  10. The Yellow Monkey - TV no Singer (from the album SICKS)
  11. NakamuraEmi - Don't (digital single)

Now with 3D rumble capabilities, it's No Borders No Race: Episode Hyaku-Nana-Juu-Hachi!

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Promotional consideration for tracks six and nine made by High Violet PR. Special thanks to ATMIG for sending down their track for us to spin!

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