It’s amazing that we got a Fruits Basket reboot in the first place. Natsuki Takaya’s shojo manga has been considered a classic by many, and its original anime adaptation in 2001 was lauded for its storytelling and characters. But hopes

Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko arrives in theaters this weekend (which you can read our review here!), and King Baby Duck chats with its director Ayumu Watanabe. Joined by Honey's Anime, Asia Pacific Arts, Cinema Daily US, and The Daily Californian,

It’s often the kindest people that are the most gullible. Yet even when fate deals them a bad hand, those folks will still bet it all in hopes that the table’s bluffing. Win or lose, the best revenge to enact

Back in college, I was introduced to The Prince of Tennis via Toonami Jetstream. While the English voice acting was a little wooden, the tale of wonder boy Ryoma Echizen had me hooked to see how he’d reach the top

Pompo: The Cinephile opens in just a couple of days (which you can read our review of here), and King Baby Duck chats with its director Takayuki Hirao! Joined by Asia Pacific Arts and We Got This Covered, Hirao reveals the

Since 1999, The Prince of Tennis has taken over the manga and anime world in Japan. Now over two decades since Ryoma Echizen first hit the court, the franchise eyes the American big screen for its next venture! Ryoma! The Prince

King Baby Duck just can't understand why Tom Brady un-retired! But he's got other things on his mind today. Scarlet Rhapsody's Dame Scarlet Aznable joins our host, as they talk about the new Pixar movie Turning Red! Then, KBD talks

Jujutsu Kaisen has become one of the hottest properties in recent memory. From Gege Akutami’s original manga to MAPPA’s jaw-dropping anime adaptation, the story of sorcerers battling curses have taken hold of viewers and readers all across the world. Its

It's the first normal No Borders No Race of 2022, as King Baby Duck talks about the challenges of making the Best-Of-2021 episodes! John Cena is seen and heard in the new HBO Max series Peacemaker, and things foul &

It’s pretty surprising that there aren’t a lot of traditional musicals in anime. While idol shows have their extravagant numbers and the like, the music itself doesn’t normally match with the narrative that’s happening. Perhaps this is why Sing a