King Baby Duck has had a bad two weeks, but his turmoil is overshadowed by the loss of the iconic Norm Macdonald. His spirits are lifted when he talks about the Netflix film Kate, as well as the new Steve

After saying a good ole FU to the anti-vaxxers of the world, King Baby Duck talks about the latest DC Cinematic Universe film The Suicide Squad! Sony buys Crunchyroll, with many good scenarios that can follow. Lastly, on "A Bastard's

After giving a video game recommendation, King Baby Duck finds some excitement in the new film Blood Red Sky, with the help of an unlikely protagonist. Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop reminds us of all the sweet things in

Compilation films can sometimes be a hard sell. In some cases, they can do a great job trimming the fat off of a series’s narrative, such as with the two Made in Abyss movies. However, some make you feel like you’re

King Baby Duck returns well-rested after a much-needed vacation, but is greeted by a shell of his childhood: Space Jam: A New Legacy! Valve announces the Steam Deck, but our host is skeptical about its possible success. Plus, on this

Deep down, every person has their purpose in life. This ambition drives us to push through the muck of negativity, in ways that will aim to prove the doubters wrong. Josee, the Tiger and the Fish is a movie about

King Baby Duck is getting ready for both a much-needed vacation and No Borders No Race's 15th anniversary! But first, he's got this episode to get through! Gods face off against humankind's strongest warriors in Record of Ragnarok! Then the

The concert scene is back, and King Baby Duck's wallet is crying over how many shows are happening all at once! Fortunately, Dame Scarlet Aznable of Scarlet Rhapsody helps take his mind off of his financial woes with a review

It's a mixture of happiness and sorrow on today's episode of No Borders No Race. On the joyful side, King Baby Duck congratulates The Linda Lindas on their huge break, and finds plenty to laugh at in the new Spongebob

Vikings, masters of flight, and even a Demon Queen are on tap to invade the summer heat this August! Check out what's to come from Section23 Films in the next couple of months! MAOYU ~ ARCHENEMY & HERO Published by: Sentai Filmworks Distributed