BELLE opens in the US today (which you can read our full review here), and King Baby Duck sits down with its legendary writer & director Mamoru Hosoda. Joined by Honey's Anime, Anime Trending, and Asia Pacific Arts, Hosoda reveals

For years, Mamoru Hosoda has been seen as the king of animation. His work on films like Summer Wars, Wolf Children, and Mirai have not only resulted in some beautiful storytelling, but also the most real human emotion brought to

“The best thing about movies is that they’re 90 minutes long.” With today’s short attention spans, filmmakers must understand the importance of telling a story that keeps everyone’s eyes on the big screens. Sure, there are major epics that wow many

Can a franchise that’s been known to have many flaws be transformed simply by changing its perspective? That’s the question that came to mind when I first heard of the reboot film series for Sword Art Online. There are many

The thing that I can appreciate most about the One Piece franchise is that you have no need to marathon through its 1000-episode anime to understand their standalone films. Luffy, Nami, Usopp, Tony Tony Chopper, and the rest of the

After griping about Demon Slayer Season Two rehashing its successful film predecessor, King Baby Duck has some issues with the long-awaited film adaptation of DUNE. But it's all good when Dirty Pair makes its return after a very successful Kickstarter.

Poor Deku has it rough. It seems like no matter where he goes, the user of One For All appears to be a magnet for trouble. Of course, in the world of My Hero Academia, trouble is just about everywhere

King Baby Duck starts the countdown to Anime NYC, as he wonders whether he should be himself or his persona at the event. But things get a little crazy as talks about the new Nicholas Cage film Prisoners of the

King Baby Duck has had a bad two weeks, but his turmoil is overshadowed by the loss of the iconic Norm Macdonald. His spirits are lifted when he talks about the Netflix film Kate, as well as the new Steve

After saying a good ole FU to the anti-vaxxers of the world, King Baby Duck talks about the latest DC Cinematic Universe film The Suicide Squad! Sony buys Crunchyroll, with many good scenarios that can follow. Lastly, on "A Bastard's