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While the Duck is high in the clouds, Blueonic and Anvil take over recording duties to create a lively show.

The B3 members try their best to record after a day of celebrating and drinking. This will explain their raspy vocals during the episode.

You know there's not a whole lot to do during hockey season other than watch movies. Luckily, for a girl like me, the summer is packed full of blockbuster premieres. Not every summer film is ideal for every summer moviegoer, and for my fellow Bastards, I knew that getting them to see the newest of the Twilight movies would be a next to an impossible task. So I phoned my best gal pals, left my dignity at home, and headed out to tackle what was surely to be the highest grossing film this summer.

The Bastards have prepared a snack-sized version of their show for those with less time to listen (and need more time to dream).

Look out, Pixar! You've finally gotten yourself a worthy competitor in the form Despicable Me.

The Bastards celebrate their one-year anniversary with a super-deluxe episode!

Attention Bastards, Bastettes and Wenches! ElectricSistaHood Magazine is ready to be viewed with your very own eyes!