King Baby Duck laments on not being at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, before diving into why he's excited for a potential live-action Cowboy Bebop TV series. Another season of Mr. Osomatsu is announced, with our host explaining why the series got better after a lackluster beginning.  Dimwits leaving Roger Waters's concerts in a huff are put in their place, and a review of the Spring 2017 Anime Season dives into why it's hard to fully judge Eromanga Sensei!

PLAYLIST (with album/single links):

  1. Wake Up, Girls! - Koi De Ai De Boukun Desu (CD single)
  2. GO!GO!7188 - Mimitabu Ni-go (from the album Go!!GO!GO!Go!!)
  3. Anthony H - I'm Just Another Rapper Rapping About the Things I Got (official Facebook page)
  4. Electric Eel Shock - BACK IN BLACK (from the compilation album THUNDER TRACKS)
  5. Honeydew - Little Rusty Lemon (from the album Don't Know Where)
  6. The Stevenson Ranch Davidians - Wack Magick (from the album Amerikana)
  7. Molice -  Love Song (from the album DOCTOR RAY)
  8. bloodthirsty butchers - Saraba Sekai Kunshu (from the album Kouya ni Okeru)
  9. Rock N Flow - Phantom (from the "Fight Song" single)
  10. L'arc~en~Ciel - Feeling Fine (from the album SMILE)
  11. (K)NoW_NAME - Freesia (digital single)

3-2-1, let's jam! It's No Borders No Race: Episode Hyaku-Nana-Juu-Ichi!

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