July 2017

Nature has the power to brighten one's mood. Even when things are at its gloomiest, simply looking at a nearby forest and finding all its beauty can easily make you feel better. Perhaps this is why my time with Swing

Trails in the Sky finally concludes in this installment of the first arc in the Trails franchise. Thankfully it took significantly less time than the beast that was Trails in the Sky Second Chapter to come out. While the oddly titled The

With the foliage in full swing, Section23 Films brings to November a plethora of releases involving volleyball, a completely flawless student, and a vengeful cephalopod! The lineup kicks off on November 7th with the complete collection release of Kyoto Animation's Love,

It's another round of Summer 2017 Anime first impressions, as King Baby Duck shares his two cents on four new anime series airing on Crunchyroll and VRV! How's the wi-fi connection in In Another World With My Smartphone? How dumb can one

While Akiba's Trip came and went, it really didn't take itself seriously as an RPG. The idea was to strip clothes off of vampires to defeat them, resulting in a pretty silly game. But this time the team at Acquire

Every great heroic adventure starts with love. It could be one sprouted from the girl next door, a high school crush, or -- in the case of Angelino in the new film Mutafukaz -- a cute gal in a very short

The Summer 2017 anime season is upon us, and King Baby Duck shares his first impressions on four brand-new titles airing on Crunchyroll & VRV. (He also shares his joy over the new season of New Game!) Does adventure await

And at long last, there was hope. Sure, many people died in Richmond -- some who deserved it, others who didn't -- but in the end there was that glimmer that was thought lost in the world of The Walking

Japan's most famous thief gets another season, and King Baby Duck is overjoyed by what it entails! Then a look at the Summer anime series block finds a delicious show known as Restaurant to Another World. Finally the hosts of

It's been twenty years since J.K. Rowling first introduced us to Harry Potter and the magically dangerous adventures that are thrusted upon him. Since that time many other writers and storytellers have tried (and failed) to capture that same magic