It's another round of Summer 2017 Anime first impressions, as King Baby Duck shares his two cents on four new anime series airing on Crunchyroll and VRV! How's the wi-fi connection in In Another World With My Smartphone? How dumb can one be in AHO-GIRL? What sort of mysteries are entailed within the realm of 18if? Would you compromise your playing tactics for the sake of a hot girl in GAMERS!?

PLAYLIST (with album/single links):

  1. KANA-BOON - Anatman (from the "Baton Road" single)
  2. POLYSICS - Married To A Frenchman (from the album Hey! Bob! My Friend!)
  3. Discolor Blind - The Life of Lily (from the Long Vivid Dream EP)
  4. Bonjour Suzuki - Ano Mori de Matteru (CD single)
  5. MYTH & ROID - STYX HELIX (from the album eYe's)
  6. Galantis - Hunter (from the album The Aviary) [available September 15]
  7. BRADIO - Koumori (from the album Freedom)
  8. MimimemeMIMI - 1 Metre (from the "Hare Bare Fanfare" single)
  9. Tulipomania - On The Outside (from the album This Gilded Age)
  10. Stance Punks - 19Roll (from the album LET IT ROLL) [out of print]
  11. Molice - Magic (digital single)

As fun as a bunch of bananas, it's No Borders No Race: Episode Hyaku-Nana-Juu-Roku!

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