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With Blueonic on vacation, King Baby Duck brings in two friends to geek out about two things the Bastards haven't really touched on in awhile: anime and ponies! Anime Jam Session's DJ Ranma Satome and Scarlet Rhapsody's Scarlet Prettycure Skype

With a lot of shit hitting the fan last week, the Bastards were forced to open up a portal to a world last tread in a past life.

The recent popularity of indie rockers Hunter Valentine is well-waranted. After two solid albums (one of which, Lessons From The Late Night, was one of the first great female-fronted rock albums of the decade) the newly-dubbed quartet managed to garner plenty of fame for their famous (or infamous) antics on the reality show The Real L Word. Now that the season is over, it's time for fans new and old to be reminded why a band such as this needs to exist on this planet. Collide and Conquer, their third album, does just that.

How do the Bastards celebrate their 150th show? Simple: by inviting one of their favorite badass drummers to join in on the shenanigans!

If  guns, military coups, backstabbing, killing bad guys, and nudity are your thing, then Strike Back is a show for you! Thank you, Skinemax!

The Bastards' two favorite steampunk kids drop by in an all-new episode!

Cartoon Network took note of the huge praise they were given for bringing back its beloved Toonami block this past April Fool's Day. Now it's looking like it's here to stay.

Our favorite cartoon starring Jake the dog and Finn the human is heading to Nintendo's handheld!

Atlus has just released not one, but two new trailers for the upcoming video game adaptation of Game of Thrones. Check out both "The Wall" and "Winter" trailers below.

Our friends The Vagabonds present a special version of the Clement Moore classic. Enjoy!