With Blueonic on vacation, King Baby Duck brings in two friends to geek out about two things the Bastards haven't really touched on in awhile: anime and ponies! Anime Jam Session's DJ Ranma Satome and Scarlet Rhapsody's Scarlet Prettycure Skype in and chat about the Idolmaster game rip-off, anime in 2013, the good days of Toonami, and what they hope the new Sailor Moon anime will bring to the fandom. Then the trio dive into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, its fandom, how bad Equestria Girls might be, and what Season 4 could have in store for its viewers.

Otaku and bronies unite! It's Episode 183: It's A Moon-Hoof Kind of Day!

The fan-made MLP:FIM cartoons mentioned in the Podcast:

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