Uniqueness comes few and far between in the mobile world. These days every company is doing a runner, whether it's something like a swipe and move like Subway Surfers and Temple Run or a side-scroller like GrimJoggers and Burt Destruction. Frogmind, though, has decided to take a different route with this sub-genre with its new game BADLAND.

BADLAND has players fly a strange flying creature (something like a bat with an afro) through a colorfully beautiful jungle in four different time periods (dawn, noon, dusk, and night). In this jungle there are many challenges and hinderances that will keep you from reaching the end of the level, such as axplosives, saws, giant boulders, and heavy machinery. The jungle wants you dead, but you have plans to make sure that doesn't happen.

Throughout each level you'll find power-ups that will make you grow or shrink, speed or slow time, cause you to be sticky, bouncy, spin, and -- especially in some of the final levels -- square. You can also collect clones of yourself to up the score near the end of the game, not to mention give you a better chance at finishing the level without having to go back to the previous checkpoint (or sometimes the start of the level).

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