March 2012

There's something about Rinko's tone throughout her band Molice's latest album. At times she's seems innocent, almost in a playful mood with her fellow bandmates Yuzuru and Takashi. However, in what can only be described as a sharp left turn, her perky persona becomes entangled into something more psychotic, as if she is determined to take out anyone and anything that crosses paths with her arms and weaponry. Whatever it may be, it greatly defines what NEUGRAVITY is: a schizophrenic monster out to give you a life-threatening good time.

Before their upcoming gig at PAX East King Baby Duck and ESH's Pandalicious had a chance to sit down with local Square-Enix cover band The World Is Square.

I know this came out in 2010, but I was able to get my hands on Medal of Honor recently (that, and the new one is coming out later this year). I didn't mind this game so much, as I liked the leap from doing the World War II style to the more modern battles, especially in the Middle East. This game also gave me a new aspect of "mountain warfare."

The Bastards would like to warn you of massive spoilers in this week's episodes, but they just love ruining everything for you!

I’ve always fancied myself a fighting game kind of girl, something about all that button mashing and raging adrenaline just really does it for me, so when I made my switch to 3DS this spring, both the newest Dead or Alive and Street Fighter were pretty high on my priority list. While Street Fighter IV was ready for me on release day like a puppy on Christmas morning, Dead or Alive kept me waiting like the girl whose way too hot to be seen with you but still wants to go to the movies with you.

So I will start this off by saying the same thing I did on the podcast. I was looking to play some Starcraft II and remembered I had the wrong e-mail linked to my account. When I went to change it I noticed that I had the Diablo III beta in my list of games. I wanted to try this beta for months, but never got around to asking my friend to borrow his account that had it months in advance. I then went on to install the beta, and found to my surprise that I had to wait for a 15 gig download! When the next day came I finally got the chance to try the game I have been waiting oh so long to play (but not as long as the true Diablo fans, as I was in my RTS phase around the time Diablo and Diablo II came out).

Our favorite cartoon starring Jake the dog and Finn the human is heading to Nintendo's handheld!

For almost their entire careers TsuShiMaMiRe have focused mainly on three subjects in their songs: food, sex, and death. So what happens when they decide to take snippets of those subjects and insert them into an entire concept album around visitors from outer space? The answer proves to be its namesake: Shocking.

I am loving SSX, plain and simple. They upped the awesomeness of this game by adding more characters, multiple locations from all around the world, and competing in different modes such as tricking, racing and the new survival.

St. Patrick's Day has come and gone, but the Bastards are here to stay in a brand-new episode!