May 2018

The best murder mysteries focus on a victim who seemingly had no enemies that would wish any ill will on them whatsoever. That's when the cracks beneath humanity's surface begins to leak the truths of one's desires, jealousies, and thirst

After throwing some special congrats towards the creator of Mutafukaz, King Baby Duck dives into what makes the more recent seasons of Lupin The Third stand out from its predecessors. Activision makes a bad call with its campaign-less Call of Duty: Black Ops

Section23 Films is itching to get a very robust fall started on a good foot this September, one with a plethora of new and classic anime that will surely please any fan of the genre! Living figurines, local super heroes,

There's a level of magic that's crafted over at Ankama Animation, one that I've yet to see be replicated in any other Western-based cartoon studio. The stories, characters, humor, fight sequences, and even the drama presented in their series and

It's impossible to ignore the zaniness that Hikaru Nakamura's Arakawa Under the Bridge delivers in each volume. However, also as important to the looniness of the plot is the surprising amount of heart that is placed into its characters, especially

Horse girls. That's all I really need to say, and the characters of Uma Musume: Pretty Derby will come flashing into your brain. Seriously, is there anything else that's appeared this Spring anime season that has brought us as much

After being on hiatus for nearly two months, No Borders No Race is back! This week, King Baby Duck comes to the realization that the FX series Archer should probably call it quits, while Jack White's newest albums leaves little

After viewing Masaaki Yuasa's latest film Lu Over The Wall, a question appeared in my head: did he do this film to cleanse himself of the dark and violent Devilman Crybaby, or was it vice versa? Whatever the reason may

It was April of 2009 when my friend came out to me as transgendered. As a person who was treated differently due to his Autism, I quickly responded with acceptance and understanding. Although coming out stories can rarely be as

Nameless Asterism took me by surprise when I first read it. What started as a strong love triangle between three female friends transformed itself into a tale of finding one's true happiness via their deepest desires. The internal monologues, bantering