June 2018

Frank Turner has been one of our favorites singers and songwriters of the last decade, and King Baby Duck chats with the folk punk hero during his residency at the Royale Boston. Hear about his love for the city of Boston,

In the world of pop culture, people with both Autism and Asperger Syndrome tend to get a bad rep. In movies and TV, writers tend to focus primarily on those on the lower Spectrum, causing those who are far higher to be judged solely on what others may see in a work of fiction. I say this because I've personally been through that form of judgement, and let me tell you: it's not fun having to constantly explain one's self in the slightest! Fortunately, over on the other side of the Pacific, there's an artist that is doing all that she can to shine a far better light on the Spectrum than most others, and she may be successful on her quest.

Choice Provisions has come back to lampoon another classic game with their ugly-looking Dave character. This time, the game de jour is Space Invaders, and their take on it is a lot more developed than the Mario parody they did

King Baby Duck gets his episode numbers squared away, as he dives into what actually happened at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. One of our host's favorite superheroes returns in comic form, and Toonami brings anime comedy back to Adult Swim

The Touhou games released in the West are growing in number, but most of them are spin-offs of the main 2D top-down view shmups. Thankfully, with Azure Reflections, we finally get a shmup of a certain cloth, finally bringing a

The Behemoth is known as a company that that is a bit of an odd duck in the industry. Despite being a third party developer, they mostly have clung tenaciously to Microsoft when it comes to putting newer games out.

October may be when the freaks and creeps come out to play, but for Section23 Films, that'll be the time for some heavenly deities and young explorers to arrive on the scene. Okay, there's one release here that may give viewers

If Keiichi Arawi's skill of being a mad comic genius wasn't apparent in nichijou or Helvetica Standard, then his latest work CITY is what's going to cement that fact. The task of creating yet another crazy world filled with the

She may not realize it, but manga author Nagata Kabi is a voice for this generation. Her previous work My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness was an eye-opening look at how she dealt with the empty feeling in her gut via

It's yet another every other Tuesday, which means King Baby Duck is giving control of the playlist to another rising artist in the indie realm with the aid of his pals from Shameless Promotion PR! On this edition of Shameless