King Baby Duck starts off this week's show on a more serious note regarding Bloomylight Studios before introducing TheDCD and Wicked Anime's Andrew Fleming, as they get excited about Rick & Morty airing in Japan. The discussion from Hell gets underway with a review of Bethesda and id Software's reboot of DOOM, and a Flying Witch chat transforms into a recommendation segment for great anime made for relaxation. Plus TheDCD finds some ways to trash on Homefront: The Revolution for good measure.


  1. MOLICE - 5 (from the album FiVE) [available June 11]
  2. Grapevine - Heavenly (from the album BABEL,BABEL)
  3. Republika - Psy Pawłowa (from the album Nieustanne Tango)
  4. nano.RIPE - Nana Iro Biyori (from the album Namida no Ochiru Sokudo)
  5. Minami Shinoda & Eri Suzuki - Nichijou no Mahou (CD single)
  6. The Aquabats! - The Thing on the Bass Amp (from the album The Aquabats! vs. the Floating Eye of Death!)
  7. SpecialThanks - DOUNARUNO!? (from the mini-album heavenly)

Lock and load your BFG! It's No Borders No Race: Episode Hyaku-San-Juu-Ichi!

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