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Which is more dangerous: attempting to assassinate a world leader while keeping your tracks covered, or trying to raise a family? When you’re a spy, you know what sorts of dangers you may come across in the line of fire.

Released a decade ago, Svetlana Chmakova’s Nightschool was considered an in-between gateway comic to the world of Japanese manga. Borrowing visual styles and character development from the likes of CLAMP, Chmakova crafted a magical world that was as fun as

“Why do romances end when they decide to start dating?!” This question popped into the head of manga writer Tamifull, who was thinking of ideas of a lesbian rom-com one-shot. But as soon as they began to ponder the possibilities

AidaIro’s Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun has some of the most original and eye-popping visuals I’ve seen in any recent manga. It’s one that seems rough around the edges, but on closer inspection it is both smooth and brimming with personality on every

BEASTARS tells more about the human condition than most stories about actual humans. The way our societies are split into groups are very similar to the herbivore/carnivore split in Paru Itagaki’s series. Even when folks of different backgrounds and upbringings

Despite his popularity and critical acclaim, Oscar Wilde’s final days were filled with shame. As being openly gay was still frowned upon in his years, his love with other males was seen as scandalous and career-shattering. (He even went to

Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru started out on a good note, with Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto building a strong world and foundation for his new hero. But with the second volume, the main objective comes to light. While it

In tales of fantasy, witches and wizards alike have massive libraries of spells on-hand. One must wonder where these pieces of literature may come from, as one mere magical person couldn’t possibly do it on their own. Mochinchi and Yasuhiro

Now that Cyfandir behind them, the characters of RADIANT begin a new chapter in their adventures. With Ocoho joining Seth, Mélie, and Doc on their escapades, the journey to find the elusive Nemeses nest has become just a tad more

Flying Witch has demonstrated the power of magic in everyday life since its first page. But when it comes to showcasing the fantastical kind of spells, it knows how to present them with warmth and sweetness. In its eighth volume,