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There's a reason why Captain Harlock is considered Leiji Matsumoto's most beloved character. From manga and anime to CGI-created films and stage productions, the universe's greatest space pirate has conquered just about every form of entertainment imaginable. (He's also planted

Shojo fans seeking a new rom-com series will be in luck this October, as VIZ Media has announced the license of Io Sakisaka's Ao Haru Ride! Set to make its English debut on October 1, Ao Haru Ride focuses on female student Futaba Yoshioka,

First impressions are most important for new writers. It's what gives the readers a good idea of the style and attitude that these newbies wish to present in their first and future works. In the case of Tsuyoshi Takai's first

Making friends can be a complicated process. Sometimes it's easy when you're an open individual, but it can be difficult when dealing with someone on the introverted side of things. It's reading through the first volume of That Blue Sky

The summer anime season has delivered unto us a wonderfully appropriate title in the form of Harukana Receive, a tale of beach volleyball, swimsuits, and endearing friendships. With impeccable timing, Seven Seas Entertainment has brought over Nyoijizai's original manga just as C2C's

Two new works under the Viz Media label are set to make their debut this September, with the first volume releases of Dr. Stone and Radiant due to give the shonen manga world a shakeup it greatly needs. Debuting on September

Sometimes I find myself diving back into many squirm-inducing holes into my career. After all, writing about bad video games, anime, music, and manga are just a way for a critic to be able to show that they don't like

Spinoffs have a 50/50 chance of working out in the long run. In the realm of comics and manga, the spinoff can give birth to massive changes and expansions of the world it initially takes place in. Sometimes they're good

Hitomi Takano's My Boy started things off on a mediocre note, with the introduction of how the older Satoko started watching over the younger Mashuu. My initial thoughts on it were that of someone that was glad it wasn't going

If one were to guess, the realm of hardcore anime and manga was more than likely unearthed on June 11, 1972. On that date, manga author Go Nagai presented the world with one of the genre's most iconic figures: Devilman.