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The mere mention of the name Keiichi Arawi will bring the most random of comedic imagery to both anime and manga fans. As the creator of nichijou, Arawi's forte diverged into the most nonsensical gags and punchlines. He also managed

One would think that the awakening of supernatural powers would lead to an ordinary kid becoming a beloved superhero. After all, this is what the world of Marvel, DC Comics, and even manga & anime has showcased for everyone. But

In 1999 a young video game graphic designer by the name of Makoto Shinkai created a five-minute short called She and her Cat: Their standing points. The amateur anime sold over 5000 copies at both Comiket and via his website,

Every great heroic adventure starts with love. It could be one sprouted from the girl next door, a high school crush, or -- in the case of Angelino in the new film Mutafukaz -- a cute gal in a very short

And at long last, there was hope. Sure, many people died in Richmond -- some who deserved it, others who didn't -- but in the end there was that glimmer that was thought lost in the world of The Walking

After starting the show with a strange comic book recommendation, King Baby Duck tears into the anime fandom who complains about where to stream their favorite shows. The music of Anonymous Noise goes under the microscope, with our host looking at

There's a feeling of dread every time I ready myself for an episode of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead series. Too often likable people are taken out, with the scum of its dying earth roaming in power. The latest episode

The realm of comics & manga take up most of King Baby Duck's time, as news of a Hellboy reboot has our host being cautiously optimistic about what could be in store. Deadpool gets his own animated series, and the

After a lengthy break between episodes, Telltale Games' The Walking Dead has returned to us. Considering the twist of the last couple minutes of Episode Two, this wait has been kinda painful to say the least. Nevertheless what "Above the

After a series gets spoiled for him, King Baby Duck complains about the lack of artistic integrity in the Grammy Awards. FX's new X-Men-based series Legion goes down the rabbit hole with its presentation, while the recent trailer for Senran Kagura: