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Despite his tactics to bring forth nonstop absurdity, Keiichi Arawi always manages to add a bit of humanism into his works. Yes, it can get very goofy in his current series CITY, but it's finding that level of relatable reflection

I was taken by surprise to that Nemu Yoko's The Delinquent Housewife! had reached its conclusion. A part of me thinks that it might've wrapped things up too soon, as there seemed to be quite a lot of open doors

In a world where even looking slightly different will get you the scorn of society, would you still be a champion for all? Does every person deserve saving, or only a select few? Whose side would you be on: the

Hitomi Takano's My Boy has left me feeling weird in places soon after reading each volume. The story of Satoko and her friendship with the young boy Mashuu has had me wondering what the author's true intentions have been with

Have you been waiting long for the return of Saitama, Genos, and the rest of the multi-classed heroes of One-Punch Man? Well good news: you only need to be patient for one more month! VIZ Media has announced that One-Punch Man

Seventeen years. That's how long it took for Keiichi Sigsawa's classic light novel series Kino's Journey: The Beautiful World to get its own manga adaptation. Since that time, there have been two anime series, as well as two short films,

Death is something we all have to come to terms with. Sometimes we luck out and are granted a life of good health and a bountiful of memories. Other times we get hit with a Whammie of a path, filled

Having big muscles and the ability to punch through bricks and concrete may sound great, but it still does not compare to the advances in science. Case in point, even the strongest of individuals would fall in a stupor if

Too much exposition can sometimes ruin the fun of action manga and anime. There are parts of Naruto, Bleach, and even Soul Eater where I feel like a scene suffers from being too talkative, resulting in the impending fight afterwards

For some reason, it's very hard not to peer away from a volume cover of Aki Irie's Ran and the Gray World. The attention to detail on every stroke of ink and color made is filled with delightful personality, one