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If there’s one manga artist to beat, it’s Oh!Great. His work on Tenjho Tenge and Air Gear brought about a visual style of great detail and personality, blending the cartoonish and realistic together in magnificent ways. However, Oh!Great has appeared

When the fighting gets going, that’s where Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru shines the brightest. The collaborative manga from Naruto creator Masami Kishimoto and illustrator Akira Okubo know how to deliver a memorable battle in page form. But when

Who are dumber: high school girls or high school boys? There’s a plethora of manga and anime that support both sides, with Asobi Asobase and The Wasteful Days of High School Girls showcasing stupidity with feminine twist and Cromartie High

It’s quite fascinating seeing how much We Never Learn has evolved throughout each volume. What started out as a paint-by-numbers rom-com in the making has transformed into one of the most delightfully funny and sweet stories in the current medium.

It’s always a great day for a race. But when you get the citizens of Keiichi Arawi’s CITY involved, that race becomes something that not even the late Blake Edwards could bring to life on the big screen. In its

Well it took twelve volumes, but Doc finally grows a spine in Tony Valente’s RADIANT. Despite him playing a big role in Seth, Mélie, and Ocoho’s massive adventure, Doc has always been seen as the coward of the group. But

Vertical Comics’s special edition of Chi’s Sweet Home is massive! There is no way anyone in the demographic that Konami Kanata’s manga is meant for could carry it. Each one of the four volumes (which have three regular-sized ones crammed

With Louis leaving Cherryton Academy, the title of Beastar is up for anyone to grab. As the Council of Living Beings meet to discuss who will deserve that title, an air of remembrance lingers in the campus. Tem’s murderer is

The mighty ocean that surrounds Ishigami Village holds many secrets, one of which is the origin of the world petrification incident. With the mastermind behind it all still alive — who is given the name Why Man — Senku and

I was legit worried about what road Hitomi Takano’s My Boy would go after its fifth volume. Deep down, I had this great fear that the story would jolt towards an uncomfortable plotline, something that the previous volume hinted at